31. Letter of Aaron Burr to William P. Van Ness


October 14, 1804


Statesburgh, 14 Oct. 1804


My friends have left me to this day ignorant of all those sicrumstances which out to accelerate or retard my return to N.Y. I may hope that you will devote half an hour to inform me how you & N.P have got on. Whether any difficulty about bail & what has been demanded. What A. B. may expect on that head. When a Court will sit & who will preside. Please also to inclose me a copy of the inquisition and of the indictment if any. You have a right to demand these on your own account.


Sam. Swartwout will tell you all those particulars concerning me of which I could write you.


Affect. yrs.


A. Burr.


W. P. Van Ness, Esqr.