21. Letter by Nathaniel Pendleton to William P. Van Ness


July 14, 1804


Sunday evening, Nine O’Clock.

July 14, 1804




Having thought it expedient on con- sideration to make a small addition to the statement which I had the honor of communication to you on Friday last, I wished to have given you an opportunity of seeing it previous to its publication; and for that purpose, I called at your house in town this evening supposing you had been prevented from calling upon me at five o’clock this afternoon according to appointment. I judge it proper that the publica- tion should appear in the afternoon’s paper of tomor- row. I hope, therefore, it will be convenient for you to call upon me at an early hour tomorrow morning, that you may have an opportunity of pointing out any inaccuracy if there should be any. It may be proper to apprise you that my friends concur with me in opinion that the publication should not be delayed.


I have the honor to be,


Your most obedient Servt.,

Nathl. Pendleton.


William P. Van Ness, Esqr.