20. Letter by William P. Van Ness to Nathaniel Pendleton


July 11, 1804


Dr. Sir:


If your attention to your friend will not be interrupted by it, I will be greatly obliged to you to inform me of the situation of General Hamilton. I sincerely hope that his wound is not, as has been stated to me, pronounced mortal.


The melancholy painful termination of this day’s contest renders it expedient I think that we should have an interview as soon as your situation & feeling will justify it. If you will please to appoint an hour for the purpose, I shall have the honor of calling at your house. The propriety of withholding particular information and answers to interrogatories at this moment has doubtless occurred to you. I only take the liberty of suggesting it here lest your present solicitude should render you less cautious that usual. No publication I presume will be made until I have had the pleasure of seeing you.


I have the honor, etc.


W. P. Van Ness.


N. Pendleton, Esqr.


July 11, 1804