18. Letter by Aaron Burr to William P. Van Ness


July 9, 1804


I should with regret pass over another day. It is left, however, to your discretion. If the Fort is agreed on, it will be impissible to make an early business without fatigue. What you shall do will be satisfactory to me, except an early morning hour. I have no predilection for time. From seven to twelve is the least pleasant, but anything so we but get on.


If you go out, leave a line for me with your servant, saying when I shall see or hear from you.


9 July.


I don’t see the necessity of his presence in order to make ultimate arrangements. He has confided this matter to P. H. is enough & soon that unnecessary.


A. Burr.


Wm. P. Van Ness, Esqr.