26. Statement by William P. Van Ness


On the afternoon of the 17th June last, I received a note from Col. Burr requesting me to call on him to following morning which I did. Upong my arrival, he observed that it had of late been frequently stated to him that Genl. Hamilton had at different times and upong various occasions used language and expressed opinions highly injurious to his reputation; that he had for some time felt the necessity of calling on Genl. Hamilton for some explaination of his conduct, but that the statements which had been made to him did not appear sufficiently authentic to justify the measure. That a newspaper had, however, very recently been put into his hands in which he perceived a letter signed Ch. D. Cooper containing information which he thought demanded immediate investigation. Urged by these circumstances and justified by the opinion of his friends, he said, that he had determined to Genl. Hamilton the note which I received from Gel. Burr for that purpose & of which the following is a copy.

insert Col. Burr 1st letter