Hamilton to Burr June 22, 1804

New York, June 22d, 1804.



     Your first letter, in a style too peremptory, made a demand, in my opinion, unprecedented and unwarrantable. My answer, pointing out the embarrassment, gave you an opportunity to take a less exceptionable course. You have not chosen to do it, but by your last letter, received this day, containing expressions indecorous and improper, you have increased the difficulties to explanation, intrinsically incident to the nature of your application.


     If by a “definite reply” you mean the direct avowal or disavowal required in your first letter, I have no other answer to give than that which has already been given. If you mean anything different admitting of greater latitude, it is requisite you should explain.


I have the honor to be, Sir

Your Obedt. Servt.


Alexander Hamilton to Aaron Burr, June 22, 1804, Fenimore Art Museum Library, Cooperstown, New York, Gift of Stephen C. Clark, Collection No. 123.